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Location... Maples

Welcome to Maples

At Revera’s Maples, we help you to live life to the fullest extent possible.
Enhancing your personal well-being in every way – physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially – is at the heart of Maples. We offer a friendly and safe environment, where our experienced staff support you in your daily activities, and we embrace and celebrate each resident as a unique individual. 
The personalized care, nourishing meals, warm accommodation and stimulating programs are all designed around the health and comfort of residents. You can be assured of the services and opportunities that enhance your life, help you to pursue your goals and interests, and make you feel at home. A caring community is an important part of life here. We nurture friendships, and welcome volunteers, local schools and community groups to all become a part of the enriching experience at Maples.
Maples is part of Revera, one of North America’s leading and most trusted providers of seniors’ accommodation, care and services since 1961.

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Long Term Care
500 Mandalay Dr
Winnipeg, MB R2P 1V4
T: 204-632-8570
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Our Residents
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"In Mom’s final days, when she could no longer leave the home, on Christmas day, we enjoyed a beautiful dinner with all the trimmings right in her room. "
- Family Member
Revera Long Term Care