COVID-19 Response

Tom Wellner, CEO of Revera
Message from our CEO, Tom Wellner: June 19

Dear Residents, Families and Employees

Across the country, we are starting to feel the effects of a slow return to ‘normal’ – or rather a ‘new normal’ – as restrictions begin to ease. My parents live in a Revera Retirement Residence in Ontario, and like many of you, I have been anxiously awaiting the day I could visit them in person again. I am relieved and grateful that public health authorities here have just started allowing visits, with appropriate restrictions in place to reduce any risk.

It’s a welcome development happening at retirement residences and long term care homes across the country. The public health directives may differ by province, but re-introducing in-person visits is a step in the right direction; families and friends play such an important role in residents’ quality of life and provide valuable caregiving and emotional support. I, for one, called my parents’ residence and arranged for my scheduled visit right away.

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Dr. Rhonda Collins, CMO of Revera, working at her home office
Letter from Dr. Collins, our Chief Medical Officer: July 6

Dear Revera Residents and Family Members

During the pandemic, the days and weeks seem to blend together a little bit, so it’s hard to believe that July is here. The sunny skies and warmer temperatures are very welcome, especially as we all begin to ease back into more regular activities. None of us is sure exactly what is to come, and when we will face a second wave, but for now, it feels like the nation is letting its collective breath out just a little bit.

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Our response to COVID-19

Guided by Revera’s strict outbreak protocols and public health pandemic directives, our long term care homes and retirement residences are working to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by:

  • Making sure residents and staff practice physical distancing
  • Allowing only essential visitors and screening them for symptoms
  • Monitoring residents and staff daily for symptoms
  • Requiring universal masking for all staff
  • Using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Isolating residents with symptoms or confirmed COVID-19

For more details, review our FAQs document.

Visiting a loved one in a Long Term Care Home or a Retirement Residence? Check here for the latest protocols in your province.

The current situation

Statements for homes and residences with confirmed cases of COVID-19

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Questions about COVID-19?

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