COVID-19 response

Tom Wellner, CEO of Revera, wearing a mask
Message from our CEO, Tom Wellner - October 12

Dear Residents, Families and Employees

Today marks the transition to Revera’s mandatory staff vaccination policy. At our retirement residences, long term care homes, and in our Support Office located in Mississauga, Ontario, everyone who works at Revera is fully vaccinated; any who made the personal decision not to get fully vaccinated have been placed on an unpaid leave of absence or have left the company. Going forward, vaccination against COVID-19 is a requirement for all new hires, students and agency personnel too.

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Visiting a loved one?

Visits are important for both our residents and their families, and, we are committed to supporting them in keeping with provincial and local public health guidance. For information about visiting a specific site, please contact the Executive Director.

Long term care home visitor guidelines

Retirement residence visitor guidelines

A caregiver prepares to give an older woman a vaccine
Vaccine rollout clinics

Information on the current vaccination status at your or your loved one's home is now available. Revera is following all guidance and direction provided by each province, local health authority and/or public health unit as applicable in supporting the rollout of vaccines in our homes and residences. 

Long term care homes vaccine rollout

Retirement residences vaccine rollout

The current situation

Statements for homes and residences with confirmed cases of COVID-19
Media contact:
Larry Roberts
Director, Communications
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Questions about COVID-19?

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If you have additional questions or concerns about your loved one, please call 1 866-317-1975

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Revera Launches Expert Advisory Panel Report
Over the summer and early fall, Revera engaged an external panel of professionals with national and international experience in areas of medicine, health policy, aging and geriatrics, and healthcare infrastructure, to examine the first wave of the pandemic and identify practical and actionable opportunities for improvement, both for Revera and for the entire sector. We would like to thank our Expert Advisory Panel for their hard work and insights and especially Dr. Bob Bell who volunteered his time as Chair of the Panel, and who retained editorial control of the report.

Download the Report A Perfect Storm: The COVID-19 Experience for Revera and the Long Term Care sector.
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