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Revera Launches Expert Advisory Panel Report
Over the summer and early fall, Revera engaged an external panel of professionals with national and international experience in areas of medicine, health policy, aging and geriatrics, and healthcare infrastructure, to examine the first wave of the pandemic and identify practical and actionable opportunities for improvement, both for Revera and for the entire sector. We would like to thank our Expert Advisory Panel for their hard work and insights and especially Dr. Bob Bell who volunteered his time as Chair of the Panel, and who retained editorial control of the report.

Download the Report A Perfect Storm: The COVID-19 Experience for Revera and the Long Term Care sector.
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Tom Wellner, CEO of Revera
Message from our CEO, Tom Wellner: January 1

Dear Residents, Families and Employees

Like many of you, New Year’s Eve was very different this year. As I quietly rang in the New Year with my wife at home, midnight brought both relief that this heartbreaking year is finally over, and cautious hope that 2021 will be a very different experience for everyone.

I’m not sure that a year has ever felt longer than 2020 has. It’s no wonder many of us feel more reflective than celebratory. Eager to finally turn the page, but, thanks to the unforeseen challenges that this year brought, maybe a bit hesitant to feel our usual optimism at the dawning of a new one.

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Letter from our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Collins: January 6

Dear Revera Residents and Family Members

It’s finally 2021, and like you I am very glad to turn the page on 2020. I am heartened that this new year comes with new hope in the form of vaccines that will help us all to fight back against the virus that has shaken our world. It is a seismic shift to go from the identification of a new virus and the discovery, development and availability of vaccines to fight it in less than one year. This truly remarkable achievement by the world’s scientists means that, while it’s too early to let our guard down, there is reason for optimism.


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Revera's Pandemic Response Plan

This past September, Revera shared its Revera’s Pandemic Response Plan, which is focused on five priority areas: external advisory committee, analytics, building and infrastructure, clinical and operational initiatives, and staffing.
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Our response to COVID-19

Revera’s pandemic protocols, guided by public health directives and our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rhonda Collins, include physical distancing, universal masking, visitor screening, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), deep cleaning and disinfecting, and more. When a resident or employee has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, we act immediately to reduce the spread of the virus. Read our FAQ for more details.

Visiting a loved one?

Visits are important for both our residents and their families, and, we are committed to supporting them in keeping with provincial and local public health guidance. Check the latest visitation protocols in your province; for information about visiting a specific site, please contact the Executive Director.

The current situation

Statements for homes and residences with confirmed cases of COVID-19

We're in this together

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Questions about COVID-19?

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