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Senior couple moving boxes

Chapter 7 - Making your move to a retirement home

I know what I want – how do I make the final call?

You’ve done your research and explored the many senior living options available to you. You’ve talked it through with your family and come to the conclusion that the pros of moving to a new home outweigh the cons. Still, you’re having trouble making the call. You’re wondering about what prompts other people to actually take the step. To boldly go. To make their move.

No doubt you’ve moved before. Maybe you pondered it for a long time, maybe it was a decision made for you due to a job change or other circumstances, or maybe you were out with your family on a sunny day looking at open houses and something caught your eye and imagination. Whatever your reasons for moving were in the past, this potential move may feel a bit different. It’s more personal. Notwithstanding the often valuable input and opinions of others, this time it’s really up to you.

Like most things in life, people have different reasons for considering a move to a new residence.

It might be helpful for you to know why other people just like you made their decision. Understanding the motivations of others can help you understand and capture your own feelings about what it is you really want – and when and where you want it. It may help you through your own decision-making process, and inspire you to grab the reins and make it happen.

One size does not fit all
Like most things in life, people have different reasons for considering a move to a new residence. Here are eight of the top reasons we’ve heard from our retirement home residents:

I needed help managing my household tasks. Let’s face it. If you’ve spent a lifetime doing your own housecleaning, the thought of someone else doing it for you so you can focus on other things sounds pretty great. And the yard work that you once perhaps enjoyed may feel like more of a chore these days. When moving into a retirement home, you can put household tasks behind you – unless, of course, it’s something you really enjoy. You can discuss the services you need, as well as the ones you want to keep doing, when you make your move.

I was feeling a bit lonely and wanted to make new friends. Living in your own home can be fulfilling – but also lonely at times. Isolation, which has increased during the pandemic, can have negative effects on your health and well-being. In a senior living environment, you’ll be surrounded by people who are about the same age, who have similar interests, and who are as eager as you are to enrich their lives with friendship.

I was looking for a stronger sense of community. A retirement home is much more than just a place to live. It becomes special because of the people who live and work there, and for its strong sense of community. It’s a place where everyone belongs – where you have your independence and are free to choose when and how you get involved. There is always lots to do, from recreation to special dining events to clubs and classes and much more.

I liked the thought of someone else doing the cooking. If this is high on your list, who could blame you? Revera retirement homes offer delicious, healthful, chef-inspired meals in a variety of welcoming settings, such as pubs, bistros, cafés and dining rooms. There are lots of dining choices, without having to clean a dirty dish afterwards. And if you still want to make your favourite recipe from time to time, many of our retirement residences have common kitchen areas, and some even offer demonstration kitchens, where you can learn from our talented chefs.

I felt I was at the stage I couldn’t live safely on my own anymore. Whether this is driven by health concerns or a lack of accessibility in the home, safety and well-being are deciding factors for many people. Remember, when you choose retirement living, you are choosing personalized services and care when and if you need it. You are unique, and so are your health and wellness needs. That’s why we provide flexible support for the unique physical, mental and social needs you have today – and those you may have tomorrow.

The amenities sounded too good to pass up. Guess what? They really are. Depending on the retirement residence you choose, you could be practising your game on a golf simulator, taking a swim in an indoor pool, creating a masterpiece in the art studio, watching a classic film in the theatre, playing fetch with your fluffy friend in the dog park, and the list goes on. There really is a wide variety of amenities – take a tour at the residences you’re considering and find out what they offer.

I didn’t want to be a burden on my family. We get it. As you get older, you may have complicated feelings about what your age and any challenges you face mean for the ones you love. This may particularly hit home if you have some needs that are being fulfilled by a family caregiver. Most Revera retirement residences offer care services, with some even offering specialized memory care. This decision is about you feeling more independent, and being confident about getting the support you need.

I was ready and excited to move on to this next phase of life. Hooray! The future is bright indeed, for so many reasons! One is that Canadian seniors like you make extraordinary contributions to society. In fact, the Revera Report on Aging: Living a Life of Purpose found that seniors are leaders when it comes to committing to creating a better world, volunteering more time and money than any other age group. By embracing this next stage and making the move to a retirement residence, your lifestyle can support how you make a difference.

The decision to make the move to a senior living community is multi-faceted. Whatever the reason that clinches it for you, once your decision is made you’ll need to spend some time preparing for the move. Read on for tips to help you declutter and downsize for your new home.