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There are differences between retirement living and long term care. We’d like to help you understand them. Keep scrolling to find out all we have to offer  in order to simplify your decision.

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Understanding retirement living

Retirement living may be right for you if you are considering a lifestyle change to a more active and social environment, or if you are looking for a  little support or assistance with housekeeping or personal care in a safe, secure environment. From personal services and unique amenities to healthy meal plans, find out what Revera has to offer.

That’s why our senior living communities offer a range of lifestyle options to suit your needs. The terminology varies slightly between provinces, but they generally include independent living, independent supportive living, assisted living, memory care, short term stay and respite stay. Much like an apartment or condo, different suites types – such as one-bedroom or two-bedroom suites, some with an in-suite kitchen or kitchenette, as well as studio suites – are available, depending on which retirement home you prefer. Whatever your needs are, there is a place perfect for you at a Revera retirement home.

Retirement living options

The teams at our retirement residences in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador are proud to provide exceptional experiences in vibrant environments designed to let you, be you.

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Understanding long term care
Long term care homes, sometimes referred to as nursing homes, offer a safe, secure and specialized care environment. Long term care facilities welcome people who can no longer live independently because of the high level of care or supervision they require and/or because they need significant support with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing or eating.

The decision to move to a long term care home is often a tough one for both seniors and families. There may be many questions. What’s it really like? What will the food be like? Will the care meet my unique needs? What will it cost? What types of rooms are available? What about other residents? Can I take a tour? Is there a checklist? We have compiled some information to help you navigate your way through these decisions.
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What is the difference between retirement and long term care?

There are a lot of differences between a retirement home and a long term care home. Even though they are both places where seniors can live, the cost, types of services, and the overall process is different.

A retirement home, also called a retirement residence or senior home, is where a community of seniors live. Focused around flexibility and independence, these types of retirement residences offer a lot of choice. Residents can choose to enjoy a fully independent lifestyle or have some care and personalized services.

Often confused with retirement residences, long term care homes or nursing homes are for those who can no longer live independently, whether for physical or cognitive reasons, and need supervised care and support. 

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