Ian, a resident in a long term care home

Living in long term care

Long term care homes, sometimes referred to as nursing homes, offer support for seniors and other residents who are no longer able to safely live independently. The decision to move to long term care is often necessary due to increased medical needs that family members are unable to provide because of accessibility issues in their home as well as physical constraints.

Long term care homes can assist families with their loved one’s care needs when they are unable to be there and ensure a safe environment for residents to continue to be the people they have always been.

Unforgettable Ian

Meet Ian Doig, a resident at Stoneridge Manor Long Term Care Home in Carleton Place, Ontario. Ian has lived an extraordinary life serving in the Canadian military and as a diplomat for Foreign Affairs. He was also a member of MENSA, an actor, volunteer. Most importantly, Ian is a loving father and husband. He also lives with dementia.

People of long term care

A senior and a care worker, both wearing PPE, standing together
Long term care explained
We understand the decision to look into long term care homes can be difficult for potential residents and their families. Families often feel a great sense of guilt that they are unable to manage the care needs of their loved ones and we empathize with those feelings. With 60 years’ experience in retirement and long term care, we’re here to help you navigate the process so you can focus on making the best decision for your loved one and family.
Moving to Long Term Care
Dr. Drake and a long term care resident
Care matters
Revera’s team is made up of thousands of different employees across Canada, from doctors and nurses, personal support workers and health care aides, to recreation professionals and chefs, and the people who make sure our homes are clean and safe. One thing that our employees have in common is that they all care. Our residents are our second families and we work hard to develop a sense of community and provide a loving environment that delivers the support our residents need. We strive to make every day meaningful.
Margaret, a PSW, with a long term care resident
Safety of long term care
Long-term care homes provide 24/7 nursing care and supervision, primary medical care, help with daily activities and interests, and a safe, caring home environment. While most of us hope we can remain at home, it’s simply not a reality for everyone. At our long term care homes, resident safety is our top priority and we create opportunities for meaningful interactions that help to nourish our residents’ minds, bodies and souls.
Long-Term Quality Care

Long Term Care at Revera

Compassion is what motivates our employees. The bond between our residents and team members is built on a foundation of love and respect, and with the support of our residents’ family members we strive to make every day as meaningful as possible. We are grateful for the collaboration between our residents, their families and our employees as we support each other to live life to the fullest.