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Active Living 

Residents in our retirement homes are engaged in life. Helping each and every one of them live a meaningful, active life with purpose is always the goal in our retirement senior living communities.

With this in mind, we have embraced a Dimensions of Wellness approach in our retirement homes. The dimensions include the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, community engagement, environmental and spiritual and are specially designed to balance and complement one other for a truly holistic approach to overall life.

It is these dimensions, built on a strong foundation of both choice and individualization, which guide our active living for older adults programming and ensure our retirement residents have recreation which thoughtfully provides:

  • opportunities to be social and connect,
  • a tailored approach to fit their specific needs,
  • a variety of activity choice and options and
  • the ability and support to move at their own pace.

Dimensions of Wellness

Each Dimension of Wellness provides an opportunity for a Revera resident to be fulfilled in mind, body and spirit, here’s how:

Dimensions of Wellness - Physical


Participation in activities that help maintain or improve overall health and functional ability.

Benefits: Increases independence; aids in Activities of Daily Living (i.e., dressing, bathing, grooming); decreases muscle/bone loss and reduces stress; increases energy, strength, flexibility, balance; strengthens heart and lungs.

Revera Signature Program: Tiered Exercise Program (TEP)

Dimensions of Wellness - Social


Connecting with others to build personal relationships and foster a stronger awareness of the larger community and our place within it.

Benefits: Meeting new friends; feelings of being a valued member of the community; knowing and being known; feeling of being at home; connection; enhanced relationships.

Revera Signature Program: Welcome Home

Dimensions of Wellness - Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Engaging in causes and activities that allow participants to maintain, improve and contribute their unique gifts, skills and talents in ways that are both meaningful and rewarding.

Benefits: Feeling of being a part of something bigger; ability to use skills to help community; identity; altruism; productive members of society; giving back; feeling useful.

Revera Signature Program: A.G.E. – All Generations Engaged

Dimensions of Wellness - Environmental


Inspiring us to live and maintain an active way of life that is respectful of natural surroundings and resources.

Benefits: Interaction with nature; the feeling of being committed to a healthy planet and a part of something bigger; ability to use skills & knowledge to help community; protect and renew the environment; better overall health and well-being; appreciates the interconnectedness of nature and the individual; positive attitude and action toward the environment; sensory awareness; appreciation and protection of nature.

Dimensions of Wellness - Emotional


Managing and directing emotions to help cope with challenges and contribute to positive feelings about one’s life and sense of self.

Benefits: Managing/directing feelings; coping with challenges in safe environment; connection; self-expression; getting in touch; sharing; awareness and acceptance.

Dimensions of Wellness - Intellectual


Engaging in intellectually stimulating activities that promote lifelong learning, the exploration of new ideas and stimulation of the mind.

Benefits: Addresses concentration, memory, processing, problem solving, attention and decision making.

Revera Signature Program: Healthy Minds

Dimensions of Wellness - Spiritual


Exploring beliefs and values that create personal peace and contribute to a deeper sense of meaning, purpose, and personal understanding.

Benefits: Peer support; resident engagement; empathy; belonging; connectedness; finding meaning and one’s purpose in life; appreciation; meaning.

Revera Signature Program: Java Music Club

The Dimensions of Wellness at work

Group of seniors in fitness class

It does not take long for a resident to begin to feel the benefits of the Dimensions of Wellness in our retirement homes. “Jenny,” is an example of what we often experience:

When Jenny came to live with us, she had been relatively isolated in her home. Despite a history of being an active older adult living in her community, she had not been getting out much to socialize and her daily activities had dwindled so much that her family was growing increasingly concerned for her well-being. Jenny was not sure she was ready for retirement community living.

Upon arrival with us, Jenny was quiet and tired, but cautiously interested in some of our Active Living for older adult programs. Team members helped Jenny with a number of orientation and welcome items, including setting her up with an individualized Tiered Exercise Program which set realistic goals for her specific physical needs.

An older woman is harvesting ripe tomatoes

Jenny began participating in the plan, learning new exercises, one of which included walking in a group with some of the other residents, who she began connecting with in our retirement residence more often and more broadly. The Tiered Exercise Program changed and evolved along with Jenny’s physical goals, but more than that, so did she. With her growing confidence and sense of community we began to see her more often at meals, chatting with new friends and venturing out to participate in new activities around our residence. She’s now part of the resident council that is working on a garden project with a local school, she plays bridge and is part of a knitting circle.

Jenny began her journey with one initial focus – her physical well-being. Through engagement in the Dimensions of Wellness she had the opportunity to explore the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, community and spiritual dimensions – which enhanced her overall well-being supporting her to truly be engaged in life, right here in our retirement residence.