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Assisted Living

Assisted living is a great choice for seniors who need some daily support to help them be as active and independent as they want to be. In this section, we’ll explain what assisted living is, its benefits and costs, as well as answer some questions you may have about this option.
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What is assisted living?
Assisted living means exactly that: assistance in living your life, your way. Assisted living homes are also known as retirement homes, seniors homes, elder homes and assisted living facilities. Whether you need a little help bathing or dressing, require some support with medications, or could use a hand getting to the dining room for meals, our senior assisted living services respect your dignity and support the unique physical, mental and social needs you have today – and those you may have tomorrow.
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What are the benefits of assisted living?

Our assisted living homes offer the best of both worlds – the many benefits of the independent retirement home lifestyle as well as a range of optional care and services delivered by qualified staff to suit your personalized needs and preferences. In addition to taking care of the cooking, cleaning and laundry, we’re here to assist you with health care, medication monitoring and administration, bathing, dressing and more. We also provide regularly scheduled activities to help you stay active and to form new relationships and friendships, all in a safe and secure environment.

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Is retirement living right for me?
Let us help you understand whether retirement living is right for you with a few simple questions.
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What is the difference between assisted living versus independent living?

Assisted living is best suited for seniors who need some level of support with activities of daily living, while independent living is designed for active seniors who are largely self-sufficient. Both offer optional services for added convenience, such as housekeeping and laundry; assisted living homes offer a broader range of care services to support your daily activities, as well as care options including dementia care.

If you do not require assistance with personal care, independent living is the right option for you. If you need an extra hand to get through your day, assisted living is the best choice. Either way, you’ll enjoy living in your own comfortably designed suite, come and go as you please, and benefit from the activities you choose each day.

What is the cost of senior assisted living?

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That depends on the unique care and support services you require. Typically, care services are additional to the standard suite accommodation cost, and if your individual care needs increase, the cost may also increase. Most of Revera’s retirement homes offer LiveWell™, an approach that’s all about making you feel your best, now and tomorrow, so you can keep being you. Together, we’ll come up with a personalized health and wellness plan that ensures any costs are related to your own specific needs. If your needs happen to change, we’ll work with you to adjust your plan to support your continued care and comfort.

In some provinces in which Revera operates, the provincial government may provide funding to eligible assisted living residents.

What services are offered in assisted living?

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Our assisted living homes offer services that are personalized to your wishes and needs, and may include:

  • Medication supervision and management
  • Assistance with bathing
  • Fall prevention
  • Assistance with dressing/undressing
  • Dementia care
  • Continence assistance
  • Nutritional assistance
  • Ambulation assistance
  • Mobility (transfer assistance)
  • Night check
How do I move into a retirement home that offers assisted living?
Please see the list of our locations below to explore the Revera assisted living retirement home that interests you. Our clinical team will conduct an assessment to ensure assisted living will provide you with the right amount of support you need, and may recommend additional services or another lifestyle option if required.

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