Veronica and Ted, residents of Revera wearing masks

We are in a new age of senior living.

Revera united with public health experts, healthcare partners, and our peers to face a great unknown together. Our frontline staff worked tirelessly. We felt immense gratitude for the swells of support from our local communities. We stood shoulder to shoulder with others in the sector, sharing knowledge, knowing we were all in this together.

We persevered.

The COVID-19 pandemic in Canada broke our hearts. But it will never break our will. Every day, guided by values of respect, integrity, compassion and excellence, we are fostering a safe and healthy environment so we can protect and care for those we love.

We are adapting. We are evolving. We are unwavering.

We are Revera.

Tom Wellner, CEO of Revera

“I firmly believe that the senior living sector needs to address existing, longstanding challenges and emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger. At Revera, we are committed to being part of the solution and are investing in research, planning and best-practice designs that can drive lasting change in the industry. And we are ready to work with all operators, governments, experts and stakeholders to protect residents and prepare staff across the industry.”

~ Tom Wellner, President and CEO, Revera Inc.

Revera’s Pandemic Response Plan

There are five areas of focus in Revera’s Pandemic Response Plan. You can find an overview of each below, as well as a form to request a copy of our Pandemic Response Plan Report, due this fall. 
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External Advisory Committee

Drawing on insights from the pandemic’s first wave and feedback from our residents and their families, the advisory committee will identify practical and actionable opportunities for improvement. Made up of leaders in medicine, health policy, aging and geriatrics, and healthcare infrastructure, our committee members will focus on developing executable best practices in six key areas:

  • Infection prevention and control
  • Screening, testing, and tracing
  • Building design standards and physical facility improvements
  • Recruitment, retention, and labour strategies
  • Research opportunities for treatments and vaccines
  • Rethinking the range of senior living options
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Analytics and Insights
In partnership with Accenture, Revera is conducting deep data analyses with the goal to enhance the understanding of the correlation between the occurrence, spread and severity of COVID-19 outbreaks and clinical, operational, building, structural, and geographical contexts.
icon of a building
Building and Infrastructure
Revera is reassessing the building design of Long Term Care (LTC) homes and retirement residences with a focus on infection prevention and control. The company also hopes to accelerate its long term care redevelopment program with the support of governments.
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Clinical and Operational Initiatives
To maximize infection prevention and control strategies, Revera is adopting enhanced screening, testing and tracing practices at all sites; hiring additional infection prevention and control specialists; and further expanding the company’s already robust personal protective equipment (PPE) strategy.
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To help ensure residents have more continuity of care from a consistent roster of staff members, Revera is establishing a new Regional Recruitment Model which will assist with quick recruitment of local staff.

Stay safe. Stay strong. 

Wash your hands.

“Our fight against COVID-19 is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. The most important thing is that we keep our residents and employees safe, comfortable and cared for. We need to continue to cooperate and work together to achieve this.”

~ Dr. Rhonda Collins, Chief Medical Officer