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A caregiver assisting an older woman in the activities of daily living

Are You Ready for Senior Living?

We’re Living Longer. But Are We Living Better?
Getting old isn’t so bad, in Canada at least. Within the last century, we’ve upped our life-expectancy rate by 25 years. Today, we enjoy one of the highest rates in the world, with many of us living vibrant, healthy lives well into our 80s.
“Canada has one of the highest life-expectancy rates in the world.”
But while we’re living longer, are we living better? That’s the question we all must consider, at one point or another, as our needs change and we begin to consider a lifestyle change. And yet, according to some, age has nothing to do with it.

“There are many reasons to make a change, but age isn’t one of them,” says Dr. Jane Barratt, secretary general of the International Federation of Aging, a group representing some 50 million seniors in 62 countries. “There’s no clear sign, or age, that signifies a person is ready for a move.”

So, if age itself isn’t a factor, what is?

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