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An older couple faces away from the camera, while wearing a Canada flag wrapped around them

Canada Gets Better with Age

Celebrating the Seniors Who Helped Pave the Way to Canada 150
This July 1st will be a special day for Canadians – it’s the 150th anniversary of confederation, also known as Canada’s sesquicentennial. That’s quite a milestone!
“I am proud to be Canadian, and to be part of commemorating our country’s 150th birthday.”
– Hazel McCallion, Revera’s Chief Elder Officer

Canada is strong – we are globally-respected, richly diverse and full of opportunity – and this is the result of the contributions of the men and women who helped build our country. Canada Day offers an outstanding opportunity to pause and say thank you to Canadian seniors who have done so much to shape the nation we’ve become. Truly, Canada gets better with age.

People like Hazel McCallion, who served 12 terms as the Mayor of Mississauga, Ontario. Or the nearly 30,000 seniors that Revera is fortunate to serve in its retirement communities and long term care homes across the country. They are the artists and innovators, the business leaders and political servants, the mothers and fathers and community leaders who have strengthened the nation and paved the way for its future success.

To celebrate Canada’s birthday and say thank you to the seniors who helped to make Canada such a great country, we’re sharing this special video that shows why Canada Gets Better with Age.