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Compassion and kindness through this challenge
By Tom Wellner
COVID-19 has changed our world in many ways, but if there is one silver lining to this pandemic it’s the way communities have rallied to show their support to frontline workers. Revera’s employees have been the recipients of countless demonstrations of generosity and kindness from our residents, their families and people in the community. I’ve been deeply touched by these gestures, but I can’t say that I’m surprised by them.

Canadians have a proud history of rising in the face of adversity. Some of our residents heard the call and enlisted during the Second World War to defeat tyranny and bring about the freedom that we all enjoy. Those who remained on the home front focused their efforts on helping our young men and women on the frontlines. Just like then, those of us not on the frontlines of this battle have heard the call and are stepping up to help.
“As the CEO of Revera, I’m so proud of our employees. As a family member whose parents live in a Revera residence, I’m grateful.”

The term for this movement is “caremongering.” Our teams are made up of people who show their compassion and dedication every day. They show it in the way they care for those in our retirement residences and long term care homes, and in the way they show respect for their co-workers. As the CEO of Revera, I’m so proud of our employees. As a family member whose parents live in a Revera residence, I’m grateful.

I’m also thankful for other Revera families and members in the community who have been ‘caremongering’ outside our buildings. It’s been truly inspiring to see how these individuals, community organizations and businesses, both big and small, have come together to express their thanks and appreciation for the work our employees are doing to keep their residents safe.

There are too many of these instances to share them all, but I wanted to list just a few examples that we’ve seen:

  • At Arbutus Long Term Care Home in Vancouver, the NHL’s Canucks heard that one of our residents was upset that the season was being affected by COVID-19 so they put together a special care package for him that included a message from former player Kirk McLean;
  • At Riverbend Retirement Residence in Edmonton, a local chapter of the Girl Guides of Canada arranged gift baskets for all 100 mothers at the residence for Mother’s Day;
  • In Brampton, at Greenway Retirement Residence, Toronto Raptors’ superfan Nav Bhattia and ET Canada’s Sangita Patel hand delivered hot meals for all our employees, bringing some much-appreciated fuel and energy to our team;
  • And in Ottawa, at Stoneridge Manor Long Term Care Home, a granddaughter held her wedding outside the home so that her grandmother could be part of the newlyweds’ special day.

Every day I hear of similar acts of kindness taking place at our residences and homes. The generosity and support mean the world to everyone impacted by COVID-19. For me, this pandemic has once again proven that Canadians have courage and lots of love to share. And I believe it’s these traits that will allow us to once again triumph and come out stronger on the other end.

Be well. Stay safe. Be strong.

Tom Wellner
By Tom Wellner
Tom Wellner is President and CEO of Revera. He has led Revera since 2014 and has guided its strategic direction to grow, innovate and lead in the sector. He has a passion for innovative solutions to complex problems and believes that innovation is key to designing a better aging experience.