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Grateful for our innovators

‘Intrapreneurship’ at Revera
By Trish Barbato
Increasingly, the senior living sector is realizing that it needs to embrace innovation to meet the expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s older adults. Revera understands the need to listen to seniors and design a better aging experience. Trish Barbato, Senior VP of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, is driving Revera’s focus on innovation.

There are many things for which I’m grateful: my family, my friends and my colleagues who I work with every day. I’m grateful to come into work to an environment that fully embraces innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s exciting to know that each day we are putting our heads together to come up with solutions that will improve the lives of older adults.
“I believe in the importance of empowering our teams with the freedom to work out their own solutions because it instills a sense of pride in one’s work.”
In recognition of our innovative spirit, Revera received the 2018 Innovation Leader Impact Award. This was the first year these awards were held and it’s an incredible feeling to be among the first class of recipients. Innovation Leader is a publication dedicated to sharing the latest insights from business leaders around the world to inspire greater innovation across industries. Its members include: Allstate, Boeing, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Starbucks, Target and many more. To be recognized by a group of such innovative companies is truly humbling.

Specifically, Revera was recognized for our work to empower our employees to be innovative. For the past three years, we’ve held the Employee Innovation Challenge, or iChallenge. We challenge our frontline teams to come up with innovative solutions to a problem that older adults face. This year, the challenge was to come up with ways to reduce seniors’ falls, which can be devastating to the health and well-being of older adults. Revera’s Retirement Residences and Long Term Care Homes submitted their proposals and we awarded the top three ideas with funding to help pilot their proposals and study their impacts. Depending on the results, Revera will roll out these programs across our network of homes and residences to improve the lives of our residents.

I’m a strong believer in encouraging ‘intrapreneurship’ among Revera’s employees. I believe in the importance of empowering our teams with the freedom to work out their own solutions because it instills a sense of pride in one’s work. And it’s our employees who are closest to the challenges that our residents face, so it just makes sense that they also be the ones to develop an alternative approach to doing things. Also, it highlights the profound respect we, as a company, have in our teams that they are the ones who can drive innovation and improve the lives of older adults.

I said at the top of this post that I was grateful, and I am. I’m grateful for our incredible employees at Revera. I’m grateful for their dedication to the residents they serve. I’m grateful for the opportunities we have to be innovative in the senior living sector. And I’m motivated, to keep forging a new path and be an innovator.
Trish Barbato
By Trish Barbato
Trish Barbato is Senior VP, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships for Revera Inc. Ms. Barbato is responsible for driving a culture of innovation across Revera and for establishing Revera’s global presence as a preeminent, industry-leading senior’s innovation partner and investor.