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Two participants in the Revera and Reel Youth Film Project

Kelowna residents
‘Got Talent’

Age Is More film gala

Revera’s Age Is More program was created to shine a light on the meaningful contributions of older adults in society. Through original research and creative collaborations, Revera demonstrates the fulfilling lives seniors lead throughout their later years and break down the stereotypes of older adults. Learn more at

On January 16, more than 150 people gathered at The Dorchester Retirement Residence in Kelowna, BC to celebrate the release of 10 short films about some of their residents. The theme for the evening was ‘Seniors Got Talent’ and the films showed how older adults continue to channel their passions and interests into meaningful expressions, whether through poetry, writing, crafting or environmental activism.

The Revera and Reel Youth Age Is More Film Project is a collaboration that brings younger and older people together. Reel Youth recruits and teaches young people the skills needed to produce their own short film. Each youth is partnered with a Revera resident and encouraged to get to know them through community building activities and interviews. Over the course of two weekends, the young filmmakers create their film with the assistance of their resident film stars.

The value and contributions that people can make at all stages of life are important.
The project at The Dorchester focuses on the vibrancy of the film stars. “The value and contributions that people can make at all stages of life are important,” says Ralph Milton, a resident at The Dorchester and one of the featured stars of the project. “Don’t put us all into one box, don’t typecast us. We are not just a bunch of old geezers looking at our wrinkled faces saying ‘oh isn’t this terrible? I’m getting old.’ We are meaningful contributors.”

The Age Is more Film Project creates a space for people of different generations to come together. It’s a unique opportunity that demonstrates from the benefits for both younger and older people to learn from each other and find common ground that bridges the age gap between them.

Watch the premiere of the Revera & Reel Youth Age Is More Film Project: ‘Seniors Got Talent’