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An older man with his chocolate lab

Meet Our Furry Residents

At Revera, every day seems like National Dog Day
In case you haven’t heard the howls, Aug. 26 is National Dog Day. Created in recognition of the strong bond held between people and pets, it’s a celebration of our furry friends.
“Like any emotional bond, the personal connection runs deep.”
But dogs – or cats, for the matter – do more than bring us joy. Research by the International Federation on Aging says that dogs and cats can also help improve the lives of seniors, with benefits to both health and overall wellbeing. Specifically, pets have been shown to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Like any emotional bond, the connection runs deep.

For Revera residents, pets are simply part of the community, with dogs, cats and birds just part of the social fabric of what it means to be at home. Pets move into retirement homes with their owners, making the place their own, just like their humans. Dogs quickly become well known and beloved members of the larger community, stopping for extra head pats and sometimes treats as they head out for daily walks with their owners.

So, just who are these furry friends? In celebration of Dog Day, meet a few of our four-legged residents and their proud owners: