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Revera Remembers

Honouring our veterans, and telling their stories

Each November 11, we pause to remember the brave men and women who have served our country. While the conflicts may seem far removed from our daily lives, Remembrance Day is an opportunity to pay our respects and acknowledge what they have fought to preserve — peace and our freedoms of speech, choice, democracy and religion.

For my family, Remembrance Day has special meaning, as my great uncle Stirling made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Just 18 years old when he fought with the Canadian infantry during the Second World War, he was killed, in 1945, in one of the last major offensives by the Germans. His sister, my grandmother Martha, keeps his spirit alive through the stories she shares and with the faded service photos she’s carefully preserved. Listening to her talk is a window into his bravery and service, and offers an intimate glimpse into who he really was.

The story of my great uncle is just one of many. Here, we are privileged to serve hundreds of veterans who call Revera home. To commemorate their contributions, we created Revera Remembers. Here, you can watch documentary films showcasing our veterans’ stories, as part of our ongoing Revera and Reel Youth Age Is More Film Project — itself part of our ongoing battle against ageism.  I encourage you to take a moment to learn about their experiences and reflect on what it means to you.

This year also marks the beginning of Revera's new national partnership with The Royal Canadian Legion. We are extremely proud to support this organization that does so much to honour Veterans. Each of our communities will be fundraising to help further the Legion’s important work.

Today, and every day, I encourage you to remember those who bravely fought for peace and freedom

- Thomas Wellner, President & Chief Executive Officer.