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A man and a woman wearing personal protective masks walking side by side carrying yoga mats and bottles of water

Stronger together

Perseverance and creativity will get us through the pandemic

COVID-19 has forced everyone to rethink how they go about their daily lives and interact with one another. At a time when we are fighting the spread of a dangerous virus, it’s necessary for everyone to keep their distance and limit their exposure to others who may unknowingly be transmitting the virus. Government mandated lockdowns and physical distancing restrictions were imposed for this very reason – to keep everyone as safe as possible. However, staying connected remains vital to our personal well-being, especially for our residents, and Revera is thinking creatively to maintain connections.

Revera believes in supporting a holistic approach to wellness that tailors to all the needs of our residents: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Throughout the pandemic, our recreation teams redesigned all of our programs at our retirement residences and long term care homes to keep our residents energized, engaged and stimulated. These activities cannot recreate the time before the pandemic struck, however, until it is safe to return to normal we must be creative and, above all else, keep the health and safety of our residents and employees top of mind.

“Our residents are tough, and we are constantly inspired by their strength and perseverance.”
Since residents are unable to gather in larger groups, Revera’s recreation and culinary teams have been bringing events to them, right to their doors. Our employees’ creativity has shone brightly as they go door-to-door bringing cheer, treats and refreshments through themed parties. Examples include, beach parties, cupcake days, candy trollies, and more recently a well-stocked mobile Oktoberfest cart.

Revera’s physical activities have continued while ensuring that physical distancing can be maintained. Some of our residences created workout videos for our residents to complete in their rooms. Where it’s safe to do so, we’ve also had limited group sessions that have been set up with social distancing in mind. And, hallway workouts have also been taking place with residents keeping fit just outside their doorways.

Our residents are tough, and we are constantly inspired by their strength and perseverance. After all, some of them fought in world wars, faced economic depressions and overcame countless personal challenges. COVID-19 has been as difficult of a challenge as any we have ever faced before. It’s the worst global pandemic we’ve seen in 100 years, but together, drawing on the lessons taught by our residents and the examples they’ve set, we will get through this together.