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Grandfather And His Grandson Talking And Laughing While Spending Time Together

Talking about a lifestyle change

A change often gives seniors more freedom and independence.
It’s one of those moments we all put off — having a conversation about making a change. Maybe it’s your mom or dad, and you think they might benefit from a lifestyle change. Or perhaps it’s you, and you’re not sure how to talk about it with your family and friends.

In either case, it’s not an easy subject to bring up. So, how do you start the conversation? We asked Dr. Amy D’Aprix, a life-transition expert and author, for her insights into talking about change.
“A change often gives seniors more freedom and independence.”
When’s the best time to sit down and talk about making a change?
“As early as possible is best, and definitely well before it’s needed. Also, time of day matters. Don’t do it at the end of the day. Pick a better time when everyone is more relaxed.”

You spend a lot of time talking to seniors. What are some of the things they tell you when the topic of having the conversation comes up?
“I wish I’d done it sooner — I hear this all the time. Because while they might not realize, a change often gives seniors more freedom and independence.”

What do we forget to think about when it comes to making a change such as this?
“Transition involves loss, and loss involves grief. It’s very important to allow the grieving process to take place. People often have mixed feelings; they can be sad even though they know it’s the right thing.”

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