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Lady speaking to a group of residents and teenagers

Film Premiere: Women’s Wisdom

Age Is More film gala

Revera’s Age Is More program was created to shine a light on the meaningful contributions of older adults in society. Through original research and creative collaborations, Revera demonstrates the fulfilling lives seniors lead throughout their later years and break down the stereotypes of older adults. Learn more at

Revera is grateful for the contributions and experience of women. In fact, 84 per cent of our entire Canadian workforce are women. We also, deeply appreciate the experience of the women who live in our retirement residences and long term care homes. Their lives demonstrate a wealth of knowledge that we are fortunate to be present for. This inspired the latest Revera and Reel Youth Film Project called “Women’s Wisdom.”
“The positive messages that come from these collaborations are inspiring."

This project brought together two generations of women, older adults from Granite Landing Retirement Residence and the young filmmakers who were eager to learn from them and tell their stories. On March 5, 2020, 10 new short films premiered. These films share the advice and life experiences of the older generation with the next, and in turn, the younger women brought their stories to life through film.

The Revera and Reel Youth Age Is More Film Project is a collaboration that brings younger and older people together. Reel Youth recruits and teaches young people the skills needed to produce their own short film. Each youth is partnered with a Revera resident and encouraged to get to know them through community building activities and interviews.

The positive messages that come from these collaborations are inspiring. With “Women’s Wisdom,” the messages transcend the age gap as both the film stars and filmmakers learn valuable lessons from each other about life, love and forging your own path.

Watch the premiere of the Revera & Reel Youth Age Is More Film Project: Women's Wisdom.