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A chef pouring sauce on a plate with meat and vegetables

Your New Favourite Restaurant 

At Revera, it’s about fresh food and professional service
As National Director of Culinary Service for Revera, John Curtis has a lot on his plate. A former chef, Curtis is now tasked with helping Revera transform what it means to eat and drink in a retirement residence.
“Our focus is fresh, made-from-scratch meals, with lots of choice.”
And if you’re conjuring up cafeteria trays, premade or frozen entrees and self-serve juice from a machine, you’ll have to think again.

“Our focus is fresh, made-from-scratch meals, with lots of choice, and restaurant-style service,” says Curtis. So, what does that mean? It’s menus that change daily, with the option to order a la carte favourites. And it’s real service, delivered by people who know your preferences. “If someone wants a steak, and it’s not on the menu, we can cook it up for them. If they want trout, we can do that.”

In the coming year, Curtis is helping spearhead Revera’s foodie revolution, which might include an actual cookbook filled with recipes from across the country. “We’re collecting our resident’s favourite recipes from our culinary teams through our Culinary Challenge,” says Curtis.

So, what’s cooking? “In B.C., there’s a focus on fresh fish, whereas in Alberta there’s more beef, and in Ontario we’re seeing lots of desserts and fusion fare come in,” says Curtis. These recipes will be included in Revera’s national menu, with regional differences across the country.

Creating choice goes beyond the food itself, though. It’s also where you eat. “We’re working to create a true restaurant feel, with professional service,” says Curtis. In new residences being built now, Revera is adding in bistro-style eateries, lobby-style cocktail bars and grab-and-go options with open dining times and the ability to come and go as you please. Added to this is an extensive in-suite service that allows residents to eat in their room if they wish.

With lots of options, fresh home-cooked meals and restaurant-style service—it’s no wonder that Revera will be your new favourite restaurant.